New Personal Best 7.14 at 192 Mph


9sec 17MPG Street Car
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Sep 24, 2001
Had Cal go to the track with me last weekend and lifted on the best 60ft the car has run..1.08. The car was headed toward the wall and i was forced to lift. Went 1.109 in 60ft and 4.59 at the 1/8th and 7.141@192.1 Mph..We went 7.14 back to back but my trans was starting to slip or i think we could have at least gotten a 7.0
Thanks for a great time Cal Hartline it couldn't be done without your talent my friend. Next time out i will make a chassy adjustment and hope the weather is better..
That's scary quick! What's the quickest a S2 has gone? I wasn't aware they had low 7 capability.
Dont quote me but the Galina - Freeman / Duttweiler car went 6.96 @ 200+. I really like the slo mo in the video. I also believe Billy Anderson went 7.25's. Both of those cars were twins.
I believe thats the quickest and fastest single turbo V6 buick time slip???????? Anybody know for sure?
I think you are correct, not unless you have a little turbo hiding inside your big turbo. Just kidding. I believe the singles are in the 7.60 range now.
Congrats Gene! (y) You've put a ton of work into this combo and the results are very impressive!!

Keep up the good work.

I really wish that I had all of those odd fire cranks back now. I gave a bunch of them away.
Rockstar status! And everyone probably already knows from the magazine coverage that the car looks as good as it runs. I had the great fortune to be sitting in the water box to Gene's right for one of the runs. It sounds absolutely like no V6 I've ever heard when its at full song on the burnout. I want to see that first 6!
Geno... That IS SMOKING... I am so GLAD you are still running... I hope you finally get that 6 sec time slip.
Damn now I wish I would have gone to Turbo Thunder next year

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