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Hey all,

Back on May 11th, I headed out to the track, and met up with a fellow Buick friend who helped coach me on lowering my 60' times. First pass was a 12.000, 2nd was an 11.82, and on the 3rd pass, I did enough of a burnout to get the tires sticky, held 11psi on the footbrake, and got a decent (for me) 60' at a 1.64. I clicked off an 11.532 at 114.37, new personal best! I had the car tuned at Brian Lorenz's place last fall, and we only took the boost up to 22.5 psi, so I left it there for this track outing. AFR was around 11.7-11.8, so I know there's a little room left with the stock lines and 80lb injectors to run some more fuel and boost, but I'm going to ease into that. No cage in the car, so I'm getting close to not being allowed to run at the track! Mods in my sig.

Mods don't show up on my phone. What are they if you don't mind me asking.
109 block standard bore, Champion iron heads, T&D 1.55 roller rockers, Lunati valve springs, Turbonetics stage 1 Cheetah 60mm turbo, 3 in. Terry Houston SS Downpipe, 210/205 reed cam, 70mm Accufab throttle body, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Siemens 80# injectors, ARP head studs, DW 300 fuel pump, Extreme Automatics Stage 2 trans with Husek 3021HF LU converter. Detroit Truetrac rear end, Precision SLIC, hotwire kit, GBP aluminum radiator and dual fan kit, extreme extender chip, volt booster, PLX wideband, Powerlogger, on E85