New Powermaster come with bulb?

Gary Wells

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Mar 2, 2002
Does anybody know if you get a new powermaster from GM, does it come with the accumulator ball, or without?
No idea on the bulb, but why don't you say a ton and get the lifetime set up from Autozone.
Yes,New PM's from GM are complete with the accumulator. At $900 plus with a one year warranty you would be money ahead by going with the AutoZone unit with the lifetime.

Eric Fisher
what about the Cardon remaufactored unit.....529702? Advanced auto shows it as $172.00 with bulb...motor.......looks like everything but the switch and includes lifetime warranty? Has anyone used one of these?
How long have you been a Board member??

The REMANNED Powermasters are almost a DAILY topic, they seem to be hit or miss, and with the Considerable Work involved in the R & R (Getting the pedal through the hole. bleeding all 4 wheels, etc) many folkes would rather just do it ONCE with the NEW GM (sold by Kirban at 789.00) and be Permanitly Done with it!!
lifetime warranty on it

YUP. ive got one from Autozone. Mine was $204 with a $63 core charge so it was only $141. Its actually my second one on the car in the past 4 months. the first one i installed i did not properly prime and bleed the system so it failed that same night. the one i have on there now has worked perfectly for months now and with the lifetime warranty its not a big deal if it breaks again.
sorry T. I applogise for posting a question and maybe a suggestion that YOU have already read. For the record I have been a member for a few months so I am not the authority that you are and I dont cruise the brakes section on a daily basis. Thanks

How long have you been a Board member??

The REMANNED Powermasters are almost a DAILY topic
Didn't mean to be harsh, but I just went through all this this past weekend, I have a 65,000mi T that the original owner, a non-GN savy fellow had a bad accumulator, and not knowing put a REAL
cheezy (Not Cardone, or anything I've ever seen) Re-Manned on,
and the Motor & Resevior both bit the bullit, so last weekend my buddy GAVE me his Original Powermaster (we both mounted, Bleed, etc.) from his low mileage car that he had in storage since '91, and he wants it replaced with ONLY a New Powermaster, as he has either R&R'ed or Replaced DOZENS of
remanes over the years, so I'm only too happy to obige!!

I appreciate all of the responses and I do not wish to stop them from coming, only explain a little here. I asked this question for a friend who has an auto repair shop getting him a brand new GM unit for $ 600, but without the accumulator ball. Not a bad price if it is the real thing. I just want him to know all of the options out there and I did not know that a genuine GM unit could be had without the ball. They wanted $ 179 or $189 for the ball but he is going to have them try the old one.
So we are open to all responses, good , bad, & indifferent. $199 exchange; comes with m/cyl, motor, bulb and grey switch complete unit. Takes 2 brake line disconnect at the m/cyl, pedal pin re & re and a bleed. It was worth it for me to save $500 and go this route. Lifetime warranty. Yup, GM new is prolly the very best choice. I aint Gates and this way worked perfectly for me.
what the guy above me said.
u can go and spend over $600-$800 and (maybe) not have to worry about it ever again or spend about a buck fifty(autozone) get one with a lifetime warranty and just have to (maybe) spend about 30minutes to an hour of your time every once in a while to put a new powermaster on. its a pain but spending only about $150 one time and maybe having to replace the dam thing a couple of times is better than spending 4 times that. just my opinion.