New Rule: Must post a price!

It would be very easy to post a reply and add the needed info.
Sure it would! but where would it be, 10-15 posts down? Thats my point! I looks stupid having to add critical info 10-20 posts down or even on a second page when it could be done on the ORRIGINAL post! (where everyone most see's anyway). :rolleyes:

I belong to at least 10 other sites and they allow you to edit posts Without any time limit! (V8 BUICK.COM ) INCLUDED! I posted a car for sale on V8 on 4/07/07 and I can still go in and edit it if I want. Only the Turbo V6 sites are this way. You can't tell me that only the turbo v6 sites have ran into some bad sellers! the other sites didn't jump to a conclusion of taking something away from the good members, they just deal with the bad ones in a better manner I guess.
First of all, my original post was written OVER TWO YEARS AGO when the ability to edit was likely still in place. This is NOT a new rule. I'm sorry you can't edit your posts--go bit-ch to the admin about it. I can't change it. I gave everyone a chance to edit their posts TWO YEARS AGO expecting people would actually read the rules before posting something for sale for the first time.

This is the end of the discussion from my perspective. The rule is what it is. This is not a fishing site, so post a price or risk having your thread deleted. You can easily add a price via an additional post. If someone isn't interested enough to read your thread all the way through to find out if they want your car, then they really aren't that interested in the first place, are they?
If you want to post a car for trade, also include a cash price you'd be willing to accept in lieu of a trade. If you have no intention of selling outright, state that in your ad and then specify what you're looking to trade for, along with some range of prices you want to be in so people have some idea of whether or not they can work with you.

Cool beans!;)
Isnt against the rules to have non paying vendors(not sure if Hausers is) in your signatures here?