new ta roller lifter


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May 11, 2007
Got my new ta roller lifters and installing them now. i am running gn1 alluminum heads and using full trottle speeds xr roller cam kit. was using 8.550 lenth push rods and adjustable t&d roller i need to get push rods that are longer or shorter? when bolted rockers down they seemed tighter than before. wondering if lifters are taller or not. anyone ran into this?if so what do i need.thanks
You have to reset the lash using the rockers. You might need new ones if there is a considerable difference.
Get a $20 adjustable pushrod length checker from Comp then measure & see. geometry is also important You dont just bolt them up & hope its works. Takes some measurements first & some checking. There is a writeup here I read on valve geometry so maybe a search will pop it up. It was Very Helpful to me on my first set!