New TH-400 is whining

Hawaiian Turbo

May 25, 2001
I need the boards expertise again.:)

I installed a brand new th-400 which I got from someone on the mainland. He said he built the trans to withstand a full weight car in the 8 sec range. The trans was very clean, it looked like it had never been run ,and no bolt marks on the JW bell. In park and Neutral, if you rev the engine alittle, it sounds like a gear drive. In the gears, it's not as noticable, but still there. Has anyone had this situation, or know what it is, or how to diagnose this??

Is there a port for a press. gauge like the 200?

Thanks, Paul
Tell us more about this 400.

Does it have a trans brake, or a reverse manual valve body? I'm assuming it does {the JW Bellhousing gives it away}What type of converter? Stuff like that.

There is a pressure port on the drivers side just above the linkage towards the engine.

Does it get better as it warms up?

I've had the paper filter {dacron} cause a whining noise like your talking of, but it should get better as it warms up. The brass screen filter takes care of this type of noise.
Pump whine...

One of a few things.
pump cavitation meaning sucking air.
Could be filter seal, cut oring on the tube to case, to too low on fluid. Those are the easy ones to ck first.
Now the more intense could be, bearing in torque converter. Most likely it is the crescent in the pump hitting the inner pump gear. If this trans has a JW Ultra Bell bellhousing BOLTED through the pump bolts, I would bet money that when the pump is pulled apart, the inner crescent is wiped. You cannot align it this way. It does not work. Now if stock case is being used, it could be pump assembled incorrectly and or , filter, or fluid related.
The one other thing it could be is when you bolted it all up you could still spin converter , Right? You did get it in all 3 "clunks" and did not stack the pump , right?
We all have done time or another...just askin.... ;(

There is a brake installed, reverse MVB with a Pro Torque 3400 stall. I'm running the aluminum filter(supposedly better flow)

Hello there Bruce, I started the car up to see if it only whined when warmed up, it whined cold also. I dropped the pan, and everything looked good. The deep pan I bought only came with an adapter for the filter pick-up. I saw there was supposed to be a spacer for the filter, so I made one. The filter was dangling somewhat. B&M instructions, secured with a jam nut, and filter would be hanging there. Didn't seem right to me, but this is my first encounter (certainly not the last) with the TH400. I checked the seal and tightness on the filter and pick-up tube, and seemed like a good seal.
I installed the pan back, started it up, and no whine. I only ran it for a bout 5 min, had to get to work. Yesterday, I noticed it didn't whine until it ran for about 15 min.

The TC was ran once with no whine. The Bell IS bolted through the pump. I'm not sure if the trans was rebuilt, THEN the bell installed or not.

I had the three clunks when installing the TC. You are right, we all have done it one time or another

The final prognosis is what? Did it cure it? I knew it had to be airation or some sort if it wasn't pump alignment. Let me know the verdict here and if I can assist any more.
That is great and you would be lucky if that was the problem. I can send you the filter pickup and bolt assembly if you so desire. Then you KNOW you got it right and try again.
let me know :D
The verdict for today is..... I ran it for 20 min, and no whining.:) If I have time this weekend, I'll take her around the block for the real test. I'm hoping that it was the problem. I'll let you know Bruce ,and thanks for you help and time:D
Here's an update... The whine came back during driving. Sounded like it had a blower. I talked to a trans here and he said sounds like the rear bearing. I thought oh no... gotta tear through a newly built trans again.:(
Did a pressure test on the lower line to the cooler, and readings were good, 75 to 70 through the gears. I thought I'd change filter brands just for the hell of it. Guess what...... that was it!!!! I was trippin out!!! I would have never thought. Both of them were the metal ones .

Thanks again for all the help:D

Glad to hear that it's fixed.

Look down the hole where the filter goes on to the filter extension tube. Is it a brass screen, or green or yellow paper filter? The brass screen fixes noises, the paper ones seam to cause noises.
I remember you mentioning the brass fiters, and both of them had it, that's why at first I thought that wasn't the problem. Maybe the filter was defective??? Just glad it's running again:)