New to buicks


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Came across the deal of a life time I ended up purchasing 2 buicks 85 ls swapped and a 86 t type. I'm in Southern California LA/Harbor area
Looking for someone to help me bring these babys to life I have the t.type running and have driven but I don't know where to begin on. Making this one a weekend driver . I'm trying to learn on my own but having some help is always good.
Swap the o2 sensor (denso preferred??). New fuel pump, maybe injectors and maf to ls1 style and turbo tweak chip. That’s where most start.

Oh and a scanmaster would be a good purchase

Like Mr. Spool said keep the boost down until you know what's what in regards to how these cars tick. Beating the snot out of it right away is not a good idea.

Spend a bunch of time reading the two links below and this STICKY

Before driving the car at all, get a scan tool on it like a Scanmaster.
Scanmaster G

If you want to add the cherry on top add a powerlogger to it. Scanmaster makes monitoring things on the fly alittle easier. Powerlogger allows for much more in-depth monitoring.

All this info is in the Vortex Buick link above.
I added a Scanmaster G and powerlogger to a recently acquired WE4 over the weekend, you can see it above the boost gauge. Its alittle cleaner in my opinion
Post up all known mods done to the car in your signature . That will help us help you . If you're using your phone , you have to turn it sideways to see the signatures .