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Hey everyone im not really new to the forum, just my first time posting!
My names Devin, im 18 and i go to Southwest in Memphis, Tn for auto technology.
I bought an 87 Regal in January for $1000 with 3.8 N/A an 3 speed th200. The transmission had no reverse but the engine runs perfect otha than an exhaust leak....the body is perfect, underbody perfect, interior mint other than a few rips in the seats...the dash says 24,454 miles but idk if thats true or not but the car rides like its an 09 vehicle

I wanted to know could i put a stock grand national turbo on it and what all would i have to do to do it?? by the way its a carb 3.8......or should i just drop in a sbc for more power........i basically just want the turbo because its interesting an i never had one on a car seem cool az hell to just take off when the car hits 2nd gear lol....i wanna do the turbo on a $1500 budget or the small block preferably lt1 on a $2000 budget
you r never going to hit it with that budget. plus that motor tranny and rear end would never handle the power. plus you need a hell of alot of parts to get it together/ you are better off trying to find a turbo t for 3000 to 5000 and have fun with that.
V8.....what's that?:biggrin: Agree with the above post. Try to find a T or GN 1986-87. Would be much cheaper.
about the only drivetrain parts that your car shares with a turbo car is the motor mounts.
well, and the engine block and front cover are the same..
everything else is turbo specific- different radiator, engine, trans, drive shaft, rear end, and pretty much everything that bolts to them.
if $2k is your real budget- then you aren't going to get much more than a used carbureted small block and TH350 trans.