New to Group and looking to do some SLP Mods and upgrades


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TurboBuick.Com Supporter!
I've been using (and loving) the Scanmaster G + Powerlogger combo for over a year now. Earlier today I decided to grab my old laptop and connect PLC to the Powerlogger to see what settings I could play with.

After connecting the laptop and turning the car off & on, my Scanmaster G now reads 0.0 for all settings. It shows "Scanmaster 1.0" and "Powerlogger 0.0" at startup.

Does anyone know what happened? Any idea how to fix it?

The old computer has PLC version 1.3.3, not sure if that messed things up somehow.
Tried resetting the ECM via the orange wire, and checked all the connections, no luck.

Then I decided to update PLC and reflash Powerlogger to the latest versions. Restarted the car and everything works!

Now I can see boost, MAP, and other good stuff on the Scanmaster G.