New to San Diego, Looking for GN mechanic and advice.


Jul 26, 2010
My names Rico, I have 87' GN, it has had some work done to it, and I have records and receipts of previous work, but I have some ideas for the car I want and need done, I have just finished a full spring cleaning, but the work I would like done I can not do myself, I want to replace a alcohol injection system due to a pump failure, need advice on a turbo upgrade and which injectors to buy and which chip to order. I know some basics on cars, but really don't know to much about GN's. So I'm looking to learn as I go along.
Hope to find some help and insight from GN lovers as myself.
Anybody know of some good GN mechanics in the San Diego area?
I can try to verbally explain my situation, but limited to what I can do by myself, I moved here and don't have any tools. Sucks being relocated.
Post up in the Southwest section, you'll find many around you. Lou's Auto is in Lake Forest.
I am no rocket scientisty when it comes to my car but I have bought good tools and review multiple instructions on this site and got sound advice from members on this site . I have been doing it all myself .