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Apr 13, 2002
hey guys, im new to the forum. i have many questions regarding the turbov6. i personally own a 93 firebird formula and a 79 lt1 equipped transam. im looking now after dropping thousands and thousands of dollars into my 93 lt1 to dump it for a turbo v6. could someone tellme what years these motors were produced in and how hard would it be to come by locally. also are the 3.8 v6s the use now similar to those in the turbo buicks just minus the turbos?
I think you'll be very pleased with the results of switching to a Turbo V6. We have quite a few ex-camaro, ex-mustang, etc. guys here who are blown away with the capabilities of these little V6's.

The most desireable Turbo V6 is the 1986 & 1987 one. It's the easiest (due to larger aftermarket parts) and most resonsive to modifications. Checkout out the recipes at to get an appreciation for who affordable it is to break into the 12's and 11's. Ideally, you would find a T-Type which is usually cheaper than Grand Nationals even though they have the powertrain. Of course, if you just gotta have that sinister blacked-out look like me, go with the GN.

Actually, B.C. has quite a few local Turbo Regals. Checkout local auto ads, cars for sale, this site's cars for sale, Auto Trader, etc. Also, you could contact some of the locals enthusiasts like Grand National Racing Association and British Columbia GS Specialty Car Club (604) 590 0766.

I had a difficult time finding a nice condition, low mileage GN around the Pacific Northwest, so I almost had one shipped out here from Kirban
I eventually found mine in Victoria B.C.

I don't believe the new 3800 motor has any resemblence to the classic Turbo V6. Stick with searching for the '86-'87.

Good Luck !
thanks a bunch for the info, looks like more and more im gonna dump the lt1 motor for the turbo v6. and my motor only has 2500kms:( just rebuilt it this summer and recently read a article bout the turbo v6 swapped into a formula like mine. loved the results. by the way im only looking for the motor not the whole car. i hear the handling and braking arent to great in your cars:)
Might be tough finding a nice condition engine. Keep hunting on this site and GNTTYPE. Probably have to get one shipped. As you probably already know, the NOS OEM V6 Turbo engines from GM are long gone.

Your right about the stock Turbo Buick's handling and braking. But actually with a few choice aftermarket parts these bricks can be made to perform as well as any high performance sports car. I've only done basic mods to my suspension and the handling is awesome.
thanks, you wouldnt knw the link to the GN club in vancouver would ya? yeah i assume its gonna be pretty much a ground up project. right now im trying very hard to hold on to the T56 in my car. everyone tells me to dump it:)