New turbo for a newbie


Nov 10, 2007
I'm looking to take the next step I have a TA49 right now. My current goal is for mid 11's, but would like something that could grow with me if I feel the need/$$ (high 10's). My current mods are in my sig. I have bigger injectors and will purchase a TT chip to go along with the new parts. I am planning on doing a turbo/convertor combo at the same time. What would be a good choice for a fun street car that will possibly see the track a few times a year? Is the extra cost of a ball bearing worth it over a journal for my application? How would a 6262 work for my application?
brif,I am no expert but I have done my share of reading and bigger isn't always better in the Turbo Buick world.The TA-49 is a awesome turbo for a stock Turbo Buick with some bolt on's and many people have gone high to mid 11's with it.So don't get caught up in thinking that a bigger turbo will make your car go faster,it's the whole package(turbo,intercooler,heads,intake ect.)that will.With that said is the TA-49 in good shape is there any shaft play? How does it spool?How much boost are you running? If every thing is good with the turbo you might want to invest in some tuning equipment like a wide band o2 system and a Power Logger that way you can really tune your car to gain more power safely.If you still have the stock valve springs you should update to a 100lbs valve springs.You are in a great place to gain a lot of knowledge about these awesome cars,this is a excellent source for information just take your time and read. Good luck,ikle.
Stick with the 49 for now...Do the other things that need to be done to where you want to go 1st and then step up the turbo.

Been down this road, trust me you will be much more satisfied doing it this way.
The turbo was supposidly put on 5000 miles ago.The car has 46k on it now. I just recently purchased the car and since I'm in wisconsin; its time to put the car away already. I have literally only had the chance to put about 100 miles on it thus far.

I was thinking about doing valve springs, but my buick guy would rather have me wait until I could just do a roller. I was recommended to do a different turbo/convertor before I did the cam and thats why I am here.

I can see the value in getting a powerlogger and I think I will try to get one before christmas. What are the other things I should be looking into? Maybe its just the talk of all of these christmas sales and not being able to drive the car are what is making think I should buy some stuff for it. Thanks.
me personally I would do the valve springs,the factory springs are weak and rated at 80lbs,replace them with 100lbs valve springs, I got mine at Kirban Performance and they are pretty cheap,just dont reuse the factory spring retainers(cups) they will act like a shim and put to much pressure on your stock cam lubes,they do make a difference when it comes to performance.As for a roller I would wait till your stock cam takes a dump just remember to add ZDDP to your oil when you do your oil changes and your cam should last a while.I would buy a wide band system to give you a better tune(more power) safely and a Power Logger so you can see what is going on.As for your turbo 5,000 miles are nothing I still run my stock turbo(48,000 miles) and it still pulls like crazy at only 17lbs of boost.Just work on getting a real good tune and you will be happy with the 49.Good luck,ikle.
You already have most of the parts to go 11's...Slap some valve springs on it, do whatever you need to do to make sure the tune it good (powerlogger or whatever), and maybe get a pair of wheels for a couple more aggressive tires and go 11's.

Before you change turbos do the other things you need if you're gonna run 10's, like ported heads and cam stuff like that...You will enjoy the car much more IMO, if you make the turbo one of the last upgrades.