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Hello Everyone,
I just purchased a 87 grand national and my what I assume stock turbo went out.
I had a buddy of mine get me a new turbo and what it seems to be new but old style. I cant seem to find any information on it. The one I got is Garrett m24 AR60.
Ever since I got it replaced its been acting funny on idle. I drive it around the block and hear the turbo whine. Drives good but the idle is bad and dies on me.


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Time to slowdown and read read read. You just don’t put a unknown turbo on anything.
Chip injectors needs to be identified, fuel system.
I’ll stop winning for now


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If you changed your turbo, make sure the hose or air intake pipe going from your mass air to your turbo doesn't have a hole or air getting into it, also make sure you connected back both the air temp sensor at the air filter and the mass air sensor. That part has to be sealed completely. But like what was mentioned above, don't just assume because you put another turbo on the car all is good, or you will be starting another thread asking why the motor has a rod knock, blowby or a blown head gasket. Find out what you put on your car, get a scanmaster and verify your readings. If it's a bigger turbo, call Eric at Turbotweak and get a chip that supports that turbo and fuel system before you brown bag your motor.


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Post numbers on Scanmaster or Whatever scan tool are using.

TPS .42
Iac 10-15

Also watch the temperature... The coolant temperature sensor can go and will die at idle till warms up.

Lots of things that could be need numbers