New Type of eBay fraud?


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May 26, 2001
I sold an item on eBay today. Auction ended and I immediately got an e-mail from the winner. Here's what it said:

"How are you today.I'm the winner of your great item, .I'm sorry for
not reading your item description,as i'm sending the item to my son
as a gift in west africa (Nigeria) so for the shipping,and i will
like you to make the shipment via global express mail EMS for the
shipping and i will add extra $100 with the total cost of the item
and arrange for the payment as soon as possible through paypal,so
please kindly help to ship the item to him cos i would have love to
send it my self but i am busy with my special assignment here in
australia on behalf of my company in the country, so here is my son's
shipping address below.
John Ademola
109 Akinola Street Orogun Ojoo
Oyo State

I'm too tired to type up all of the reasons this message makes me suspicious but I'm wondering where the scam is? She sends me the $$ via PayPal and I ship the item to Nigeria. What's the scam? Stolen PayPal account?

I've contacted eBay. It's pretty obviously a scam and they're going to ding me for the listing fees.

Insight would be appreciated.

Yeah that seems highly suspicious. I'm too lazy to figure out WHAT the exact scam is, but it's definitely fishy.
Yeah that seems highly suspicious. I'm too lazy to figure out WHAT the exact scam is, but it's definitely fishy.

Me too. I've been up since 3AM and can't noodle this one through. The user's ID is from St. Louis, MO. I suspect it's a hijacked eBay user ID too.

SCAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Remember your paypal account has your credit card or bank account number in there. definetly a scam.
Send them a box full of Dog doo doo! :D For me, it would b worth the shipping expense!....
I've never heard of this scam using paypal. Maybe since you can't track the item, he will file a claim with paypal saying he never got the item and scam you that way.
These Kind Of Emails Are Fraud/scams, Beware,espicially When The Location There With Is nigeria, Total Scam,beware,i Cant Stress This Enough,buyer Beware!!!!!!!!1
Send them a box full of Dog doo doo! :D For me, it would b worth the shipping expense!....

I'm definitely going to do that. It's the first thing I thought of!

The plan to e-mail the user associated with the eBay account backfired. I immediately got $300 plopped into my PayPal account. So now I have money from them too but I haven't accepted the transaction in PayPal. I'm pretty sure someone had their account hijacked. I'm going to wait until eBay's fraud department provides some advice before doing anything else.

EDIT: Here's the scam! I was just reading the e-mail message I got from "PayPal". It's not from PayPal. I don't have money in my PayPal account. So the scam is that I get an e-mail from "PayPal" and think the money has been sent. The e-mail says that the funds will only be released upon my sending a tracking number to "". Of course this is not a PayPal e-mail address. I guess they're hoping I'll mail the item, run home with the tracking number, send the number to them and then find later that I've never been paid. Bastages. Time to start scooping poop from the backyard.

Your gonna need to scoop that poop from my backyard. But come on over, I got plenty of it.

I still have quite a bit of 'aged' poop in my yard (fresh poop has more aroma, though).

eBay canceled the auction and verified that someone's ID was used without their permission. They've refunded my listing fees and I have to start over.

lets all send a "package"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would like to be there when they unbox all that s#!T!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
Probably wouldn't make it through customs, but I bet the customs agent watching the x-ray machine would be ticked when he/she opened the box to inspect it. :eek:

Crazy stuff for sure.
yea ive already thought of changing my name& address to;

Pat Mycrouch
101 wrong way
flpioff bumfrok,ark.65210
People have some nerve to try to pull off a scam when their address is available to the victim. I'll keep that address handy in case I come across anything that would make an interesting gift. :)

Hey guys,

I am considering becoming an e-bay seller. How the hell does someone's e-bay account get "hijacked"??

thanks alot,