They also make the front hubs to attach C5 brakes to a GBody. Looks like UMI makes quality stuff.
I literally just saw this about an hour ago on ebay and was gonna ask if anyone had any input on it.
I have the DSE coilovers. The upper plate relocates the the upper mounting slightly closer to the frame, in part at least for less flex, and yet I still have bolt impressions on the bottom of the floor/trunk pan. I'd been thinking of some sort of reinforcement, these might be the ticket.
Hmm, looks very interesting and what I was looking for a while back when other people were making the rear frame braces. This looks like it could take the place of that instead of having something "custom" welded up using the available rear frame brackets and tubing.
damn… now i have to spend more money….. lol

UMI makes good quality stuff and have excellent customer service! I will be trying one of these out when i quit spending money on my daily driver…..

Can't hurt especially since I run a 'glass rear bumper. Should help keep the rear a bit more stable. For the price, can't beat it.
I think that in conjunction with the rear seat cross braces or a gnx brace it should work nicely.

I put the rear seat GNX brace in a couple years ago and that did make a considerable difference on it's own. I plan on having a rear frame brace made also to tie in the very ends of the frame. It's amazing how much these cars flex.
Now just to get the front all tied together
Looks like a nice piece, and would be especially useful for anyone with a notched frame. It would be nice if it triangulated with the rear cross member. But then the easy install would go out the window.
Any feedback on the piece? It looks very interesting.
I haven't installed it yet, but my first impressions is that it's a nicely built piece and definitely looks as though it will help stiffen things out back. Easy install too.
Looks similar to the one i made a few years back!


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I installed the brace. If you are using the stock exhaust hangers, they must be removed for the bar to fit. Here are some pictures. I also have a rear brace I made for the end of the frame rails, also. I won't be driving the car for another week so will not be able to know if it made any difference.