new water to air stock location Intercooler

Tom Tom Turbo

Turbo Goes Woo Woo
I have an unused stretch stock location water to air intercooler. This is a 24 row intercooler that has been professionally boxed for liquid use, it has a large neck, -10 fittings for lines, has lines from pump to heat exchanger. 13x12x2 Earl's Performance heat exchanger, 240 LPH continuous duty pump, and the IC has been professionally notched and welded ($175) to retain the front sway bar. Also had been powdercoated black ($125). This uses all factory IC mounting, up pipe, and hose that connects the turbo to the IC.

There has been a comment that I picked this up on the board about a year ago for $450....which is true, and then I had it welded to actually fit in a TR without taking off the sway bar, and I had it powedercoated. The total was $300 for all the work I did to it, so I have $750 tied up in this.

That being said, my selling price is $550 plus half the shipping costs. I would also trade this for a PTE or RJC front mount. Thanks!