New XBox Game with a GN

Got a call today from a guy from Microsoft who said he was interested in taking pictures of my 87 Grand National for a new XBox game they are developing. After verifying through the company that he was a legit employee there, I said why not. So he came out and shot tons of digital pictures from all angles, including the engine. I informed him of the few non-stock appearing parts I have like the 16"GTA wheels and some engine parts. I also encouraged him to design a GNX in the game instead. He agreed and said he would create the graphic models based on my car then add the GNX features per the pictures he has. So we'll hopefully see either a Grand National or a GNX.

He wouldn't share many details of the game specifics, which is understandable, but he did mention that it should be for sale next holiday season. Possibly my wife's and my name will appear in the credits, and we'll receive a copy when it's finished.

Very cool to have a GN show up in a new game and more special to have mine in it in some form!
I wonder if this game will be available on PC?

Since I can't drive my car here.. that'd be the next best thing.
Looks like I'll have to invest in a X-Box now. Spending money in places I never thought with this car. Oh well, price you pay for owning a piece of automotive history.:rolleyes:
They didnt dyno your car or do sound clips? Back in June Mirosoft called me and had me go to Redmond were they took pictures, Dynoed and did sound clips it was really cool They said anything microsoft made with car in it would be yours. They had a list of cars typhoon was on the list.