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Mar 5, 2009
Like most of you that reside in the Northeast part of the country blanketed by cold or snow or both we were closed today. Shoveling blowing snow is like raking leaves both a job that seems never ending.

Most of you know the drill you got to email me direct anything that strikes your interest. Refer to the number/letter code. All prices are the total price meaning it includes shipping to the basic 48 states. Paypal is the method of payment. Descriptions are accurate. I don't fool with photos unless stated in the description.

1-A A factory GM set new with GM sticker with them of the GNX #5 bushings. $22

2-B For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal a slightly used adjustable wastegate actuator. Nothing busted or frozen still has the anodized look to it. Price is $20

3-C Brand new in the original box GMP diecast 1:18 scale Tweaked. Just $55

4-D Again brand new in the original box GMP diecast 1:18 scale the GNX. Just $65

5-E Buy 3C and 4D both for $110 (save $10 if my math is correct)

6-F For the 1987 Turbo-T Limited the ultra rare Opera lites I have a pair of the diecast bezels that would pass for brand new. I only have the diecast bezels no lenses $40 to own the pair as described.

7-G Weird deal all good used parts: The screen for the 1986-1987 factory intercooler, the pop on weather strip for the cowl under the hood, and a set of 2 of the wide rubber gizmos that go at the bottom of both doors behind the door panel across the bottom. Plus a brand new Gateway PC keyboard (black) not a wireless one. all of this for $35. (I got a PC now at home to replace a Mac I was using).

8-H A brand new twin gauge holder for the console fits all 1984-1987 Turbo Regals with console just $26.

9-J A brand new 1986-1987 Turbo Regal original GM with sticker on it battery hold down just $24.

10-K I have two good used original Cardone reproduction brake bowls. Just $95 each. New these sell for almost twice that. For a powermaster owner its not a question if you need a brake bowl its a question of when you will need one.

11-L Similar to above only its a good used tested original GM brake bowl. Appearance is ok at best only buy as a back up or if you need one. Price is $70.

Note: Most issues with a flickering brake lite may be a bad brake bowl. However, replacing the brake bowl is not a cure all for other pm brake issues such as the motor running, blowing the 30 amp fuse or leaks. Brake fluid should be flushed whenever any component in the brake system is replaced.

11-M I have two more of the GNX rear end covers that were made years ago minus the provision for the ear that the panhard bar attaches to. Fits all the 8.5 rears found in original 1984-1987 Turbo Regals. Comes with new bolts and new magnetic drain plug. Holds probably 25% more fluid which is a good thing plus is far stronger than the cheap GM tin pie plate you now have on your rear end. Also probably the rarest rear end cover you will ever see for these cars. Fits even with the stock cross flow muffler. I have one on my personal car. I can email you a photo of it on my car. $299 each to own it. I would entertain interesting partial trades.

Happy New Year:
I don't fully understand 1-A

Here is the explanation...the GNX got #5 bushing as it is referred to and all the other Turbo Regals did not receive this body bushing. It is a upper bushing sits on a flat area over the rear end housing. It has been reproduced but this is an original GM pair. The GNX's got this because the GNX cars did not get the upper rear trailering arms or maybe it was the bottom ones I can't remember which this late at nite.

The bushing is usually referred to as the GNX bushing....

Record breaking cold out here think temp reached a high of 13 above today....older one gets the harder it is to take this cold weather.....need to find a car with heated seats.....

Even my cats are smart enough to say in my pole bldg. in this weather.
Lol, I think it was more of the odd description of the deal rather than what a gnx bushing is.
I'll take:

5-E Buy 3C (GMP Tweaked) and 4D (GMP GNX) both for $110

9-J New battery hold down with GM sticker $24