Newbie question.

350 S10

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Aug 20, 2003
Sorry for the stupid question, but what do you mean by "hotwiring" the fuel pump, and what is to be gained from doing it?

I admittedly know very little about turbo cars, but I'm trying !!!
Its cool dude, I was there not to long a matter of fact, Im probably still there when it comes to the overall scheme of things.

Anyway, the stock wireing for the fuel pump supplies about 11-12V of power. This causes two problems: First, the fuel pump is underpowered and flows less fuel. Second, the low voltage shortens the life of the fuel pump. "hotwiring" the fuel pump is when you run a wire from the alternator (13.5 V) directly to the fuel pump. The added voltage increases the amount of fuel the pump can flow as well as increasing its life. This is one of the first mods that TR (Turbo Regal) owners do to there cars.


If your looking for a kit, I highly recomend Racetronix's hotwire kit ->
will this increase performance? or just the life of the pump? i saw where it said more fuel, but will it compensate approiatly for this?
sorry guys im a newbie also, i got 5 days to learn everything i can
i pick up my Gn in 5 days , and i am gonna rebuild it as soon as i get i wanna be
Do a search on this site or There's a ton of information. A lot of folks have been where you are, now are very knowledgable, and willing to help.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, start out with a hot wire kit (Racetronix/Caspers) and a Walbro 340 pump and go from there.

Welcome to the world of Turbo Regals where money is not an object!
Welcome to the world of Turbo Regals where money is not an object! [/B][/QUOTE]

aint that the freckin truth!!!!!:eek:


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