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I have narowed my next mod down to these 2 options.Alky kit or a Power Plate and a Downpipe.
The runs strong at 15-16psi with 0 KR on Turbolinkwith 93 in the tank but I need more :)

The car so far just has the basic bolt ons....Exhaust , 36lbs INJ with Caspers 93 chip, 307 pump and hotwire kit, K&N........I would love to hear from you guys who have made these decisions already and please let me know your results. Thanks
trying to keep around $400.00....The SMC Kit alone is about $400.00 and I just dont feel comfortable doing the DIY kit.
I can get a 3" downpipe on sale for around $300.00 and power plate for around $60.00...
Another vote for the Powerplate and Alky. With the stock stuff (turbo, ic, inj) and the power plate, I was able to run about 17lbs on 93 octane. With the addition of the SMC kit, I was able to run 21 lbs of boost. I have not played with it since the addition of 57lb injectors.

My THDP should be here today and I will see if I can add more boost.
Tin bring up a point I had not really thought about....If I do the Alky and crank the boost and crank the boost will my 36's be able to keep up?

(orderd the power plate a few minutes ago from Mike Licht)
36 lb'ers should be fine for the stock turbo. I was running 21 lbs with the stock injectors (28 lbs I think). I was definately on the edge but pumping enough alcohol to run it without any knock. I have read that some run the stock turbo up to 23 lbs. Most agree that 21 lbs is about it for stock turbo efficiency.

I could not launch the car at the track. Best time is in my sig. That was without the new injectors. If I could get a good 60 ft the car would be in the 12's. The THDP probably wont help much at this level but will complement my eventual turbo upgrade.
Are you guys kidding? That down pipe is a HUGE restriction. Got to go with the basics before adding enhancement modifications such as alky. That’s like putting a blow off valve on Pinto IMO.
Actually the downpipe isn't that big of a restriction on a stocker setup. You can port the elbo or buy a ported elbo for about $40 (if I remember correctly). Some guy on here ran a THDP and then turned around and ran a ported elbo stock downpipe and only gained 1 tenth of a second and 1-2 mph. Whereas alky on a stocker can give you at least a second and several mph.
Gary, if you're on a budget (who isn't this time of year) then I'd say the alky will give you the best bang for the buck. I too didn't have the confidence in my skills to do the DIY kit so I got the SMC. It rocks...flat out awesome. The car is so much faster...topend and out of the hole (well, after my crappy launches anyway). I'm running 22psi on a ported turbo, and the stock injectors are keeping it in the "not as rich as I'd like it" range, but they're still flowing enough fuel. 36s with the stock turbo is cake, you'll be fine cranking the boost to 22-23 psi (stock turbo starts blowing hot air much higher than that).
For customer service you can't beat SMC. Admittedly my car's somewhat of a garage queen, but that kit has been money thusfar. My friends who had ridden in the car before were all "Holy $#!+ what did you do to this thing?" :eek: Nuts to the PP and DP, you'll feel way more bang with alky. And the smell in-car of the alky flowing will be the smell of victory.
I think alky is way more important than a 3in DP at this time. If not for performance the alky will supress all detonation(if tuned correct) which I think is needed even more when pump gas is used and its mostly a street car. Once you have a good safe tune with the alky on the street, save up for a DP. The motor will last longer with alky on the street, with detonation gone.

I agree with BLACK6PACK Port the stock elbow for some free power until you up grade the DP. :)