nitrous and speed-pro



My a/f ratio is set at 12.9 n/a and corrects less than 5%.I have a wet kit that`s not controlled by speed-pro(yet). Should I disable the correction when the n2o is activated? I assume the extra fuel would cause the ecu to go leaner trying to maintain12.9 as programmed which is a bad thing.How should I set up the ecu so everything works properly on n2o?What is a good target a/f for 150 shot?Right now it`s pulling out 25% fuel and the actual o2 reading is 12.5!!How did I not hurt something ??I went from 117 mph to 129.5 under these conditions on pump gas and additive with 28 degrees timing down from 35. Any thoughts? the car is a 91 Z28 with a 9.5/1 406,I know its not a Buick but this is THE BEST place for info using this awsome system.

Thanks again!!!!!
If you use the ECU to activate your nitrous, you can still use a wet flow system but have the advantage of commanding a richer A/F ratio while the nitrous is on. You can and should take advantage of the spark retard and timer features too. It should be a simple matter to hook it up to your existing system.

I can't get into nitrous tuning specifics but 150 HP is not that much of a hit on a 406 engine. I posted in another thread here about running closed loop with nitrous and I recommend that you read it. Perhaps some of the other forum contributors can suggest some tuning parameters for you?