Nitrous Jetting Size Chart



Received the new Summit Racing Equipment catalog in the mail the other day :) (someday they'll offer parts for our unique beasts)

They enclosed a chart on NOS jet sizes for a variety of systems. This seems to be a popular questiion on the board. Hope it helps.

Nitrous Jet Chart
I have a single fogger kit, which system do I have? I Need the sizes for the Jets that will be using on my 84T.
I don't see much difference in jetting sizes between systems. It makes sense to start small and check plugs after your runs. If detonation is going to be found visually anywhere that is where you'll see it first (besides the knock guage).

My dual stage Compucar system shows the following jet sizes.

HP Nitrous Fuel
50 horse 37 26

75 46 33

100 59 43

150 73 52

That 75 horse shot is worth over 100 horses on a hot-air setup.