Nitrous on a 3.8 N/A?


Jun 1, 2001
I just got an 83 regal that Im using for parts. Im not gonna tear the drive train apart and I was wondering how much nitrous I could run with this engine. mods so far will include an 84 4.l intake, carter 500cfm carb, open headers, K&N air filter and a nitrous plate. Has anyone ever done this before? Is a 100hp shot too much? The car has a 2.9-something posi rear and two of my friends and I are going to put this drive train into a mid engined 2 seater sand rail. We are shooting for 1500lbs w/driver. I was thinking nitrous because I want this thing to pull the front wheels off the ground as soon as I hit the nitrous with slicks on pavement.

well, N.O.S. only recommends and builds kits for an LS1 at 125hp shot (not that some have sprayed them with more, but...) a LS1 is roughly 347cubic, i would try and start with a 60 shot at first, if the spark plugs look good THEN go for the 75 shot. HTH...

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I meant tuning it starting with a 50hp shot and go from there. SO if people have gone with a 75hp shot I probably wont be breaking new ground with eventually going to a 100hp shot.
From the Website
BUICK 4.1 LITRE V6 MOTORS - The Buick 3.8 and 4.1 are nearly identical with the exception of the bore. Also all NA 3.8's are 2-barrels, while all 4.1's are four barrels. Finding a Regal with the 4.1 V6 in the junk yard can be difficult. Here is a list of GM cars which used the 4.1 litre V6, courtesy of David Chase, Silver6.

Just grab a 4.1 4-barrel intake/carb from the junkyard. :)
without other modifications, will this increase hp? is this a qudrajet carb?
4.1 manifold

Theres a nice piece on eBay right now for $25.00.These are made to be used with a Q-jet but can be modified for use with anything.As for the NOS,Holley recommends up to a 90hp.shot.
Originally posted by Iamdreaver
without other modifications, will this increase hp? is this a qudrajet carb?

I would say yes, and I would assume 20-30 increase in horsepower...that is just my personal est., others may agree or disagree
If I goto th junkyard, how much do you think this will cost me w/ a carb?