Wet or Dry?

there are numerous nitrous kits that can be made to work, do you want a wet or a dry system? a simple fogger nozzle or a plate?
I would like to see someone make a plate to go under the supercharger, that would be the most efficient way to spray a 3800sc engine..............hint hint hint:D :)
I dont know like to see who else has it installed and get there opinions on it..any suggestions??:confused:

i had a wet kit for an LT1 in my 2000 GTP. i also had a 3.0 pulley on it with a RAT AFPR and Riser. 75 shot. it was nice. :) :) :)
I am in the process of making a spacer plate for the Supercharger to intake. I just need to get off my butt and find the time to get it to the machine shop to be CNC'd. I am using GM's gasket at the template. Looking at 1/2"-5/8" aluminum for the material.
4ce fed(nitrous)

:confused: was was the install like and what diffarence in 1/4 mile times did you and mph?

install was a breeze for me since i've done many systems before. 75 shot yielded .4 and about 7mph
4ce fed....I want between 75-125 hp...what do you think would be a good system to buy.......also - I want one that can be hooked up easily(I never did a nitrous install)!! Vinnie:cool:
NX wet

go with the NX wet kit. i wouldn't go over a 100 shot though. you've been warned. :)
i use a compucar single nozel wet kit for a 5.0 mustang,with a tb spacer from thrasher. have 50hp jets, have ran 90hp jets but only with 50-50 mix of turbo blue in the great but have to change o2 sensor every few months. also dont hammer it off the line or you will blow the trans, been there done that. 96 riviera dub 3.0 home built cai no cat ngk plugs adj.regulator 2 1/5 inch flow masters nos

What have you run in your Riv with those mods and N2O?

My mom has a 98 Riv, and dad as been bitten by the speed bug lately, wants to get a reprog PCM, and the other mods we are thinking is a 3.4 DUB, homemade CAI with a K&N, and possibly a 50-75 shot. Already have a 180degree t-stat and Ngk-55's

Just curious where your mods and N20 got you et wise.

have not been to the track wiyh it, i still have to get rid of the 107mph speed limiter, thats going to keep me in the low 13`s untill i can get around it. seat of the pants is a big jump in power though.
do you drive your riv is the 3.0 pulley for daily driveability.

Also, what would ever one else recommend for a daily driver a 3.25 or 3.4 pulley, both of the DUB varitey more than likely.

can the 3.25 be used without any fuel systems mods/upgrades?

i dont use my riviera as an every day driver, i only drive it in nice weather, about 2000 miles a year. i have not been to the track yet, but i have ran it with a g tech meter. i got 13.4`s, that is with a 50hp shot of nos, easy off the line, hit the button at 3000 rpm in 1`st gear and holding it through 2`nd, no nos in 3`rd. i expect better when i can spray the whole quarter, im afraid to hit the speed limiter on nos. i have ran with 3.4 3.25 and 3.0 pulleys. 3.4 would be best for every day use, stock fuel system will be ok, 3.25 or smaller should get adj. regulator. pulleys smaller than 3.4 will generate a lot mor heat in the charged air, i run race gas or octain booster. i`m trying a new booster called tk7, but may be awhile before i'm back out with it since it`s 20 deg`s out. anyone know where those 1.9 ratio rockers come from.
Re: Wet or Dry?

Originally posted by 1badTTA
I would like to see someone make a plate to go under the supercharger, that would be the most efficient way to spray a 3800sc engine..............hint hint hint:D :)

What about that new NOSzle from NOS. That looks perfect for a SC3800 if you ask me.