Nitto radials ON (finally!)


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Dec 23, 2002
I finally got my "new" Nitto 275/50s on my stock GN rims today. The clearance is super tight. I can barely stick my fingers between the tires and the frame...but so far no rubbing. It was weird, I got on it and where there car usually breaks free (35mph or so) it just hooked and went. Front end came up noticeably. Car feels a little squirrely though.

ahhhhh, where's that SS Camaro I lost to a few weeks ago..?
Squirrelly? What tire pressure you running in them? I cant imagine driving without mine. I would be replacing rear tires every month, but it would scare the bejeezus out of everyone driving near me.

25 psi in both. Hooks really well when the ground is warm, but spun em a little tonight with the cold street (65 degrees). You think I should bump up to 30?
No, i think 25 is good for the street. They will spin if the road is cooler. I havent heard back from the guy with the rim, so i will call him today.

Its amazing how much of a difference the nittos make on the street. My car was downright scary with 235 street radials. With the nittos, it only breaks loose mid way through 1st and at the top of 2nd around 50 mph. Before, it was anything below 50 and the tires would go up in smoke.
when are we doing that down pipe? and take me for a ride in your car, i want to see how it feels compared to mine... what do you have on you car as far as mods? right now im going to do my fuel system and then go with a nice TE-44 heh

Irv: Thanks.

Black: What times are you running in your car? I haven't added the alky or the DP yet...but I am hoping to still hook up with those mods. Would the ATR sway bar help with an airbag? I've got an aftermarket posi (not sure whose) already and it's super tight (you can hear the inside tire chirping on a uturn).

Neil: Call me up and we'll go for a spin, foo. Not sure about the DP...probably not till after I get my tax refund check. I met some girl last night that reminded me of your woman. She drove an S10 and said her boyfriend has a TR...but since mine is so much faster she wanted to ride it (the car, that is) on the side... ;)
I've only been to the track 2 times with this combo. In street trim (93 & alky) it ran 12.1 @ 115 on the nittos with a 2.0 60'. I couldn't hook at all both times. I don't like the nittos at this power level at the track. For the street they are great.

The atr bar from what I hear is pretty good in all situations especially if you remove the front sway bar.
I never hooked good at the track with the Nittos. 1.99 is my best 60', that was with my 12.82 @109mph. But on the street I love them. My 235's were scary as well.