No 2-3 shift under WOT, any ideas?



The 1983, Olds 307, 200-4R has recently been rebuilt w/ BW clutches and Trans-Go taxi shift kit. No other mods have been added, i.e. servo, TV piston, etc.

The transmission shifts fine during normal operation. On the highway, WOT kickdown is hard enough to bark the tire. <b>From a standstill, 1-2 is firm but 2-3 doesn't happen unless I back off the throttle.</b>

Does anyone know what might be causing this problem and the best way to fix?

Did you put in the shift kit yourself? Maybe the 2-3 shift spring, try installing the original if possible.

77 cruiser..... The ATRA associated trans shop installed the kit, and so I don't have the original parts.

WE4..... I really don't know if it would have messed with the TV limit valve. I have never really let itself in Drive or OD under WOT, because it won't kickdown from 2-1. From a standstill, I manual shift at 5000 rpm.

By the way, the trans is hooked to a 350 Chevy and a 3.54 diff.

I found a copy of the shift kit instructions (in my project file). This kit is SK 200-4R-B. The kit shows that a blue or red spring is substituted for the 2-3 spring at the TV valve. It says to select the spring color based on which spring id fits on the stem of the TV valve.

Where could I purchase a factory 2-3 spring?

e-mail me your address.

I have a OG coded trans with a parts vb that i can rob the 2-3 spring out of. Just e-mail me an address where to send it to and i'll get it out by saturday. That 200-4r kit is decent {easily modifiable}, but i don't usually install that spring. It's pretty tall. :)
Sent you an e-mail. Much Thanks!

Sent you an e-mail. Much Thanks!