No burnout and Boost Up high???????


Team Legion
Apr 11, 2007
Last night after I ran my car I try doing a burnout but it wouldnt:confused: I step on the brakes and slowly boosted it up and try to burnout next thing you know my boost is up to 16psi and I not going anywhere and my pass side manifold is glowing red. Any idea in what it can be:confused:
I do think you were doing a burn out... I just don't think it was the tires..... more like the Tranny :eek: :eek: :eek: Or you've got an awesome rear braking system and you were building boost and about to do a serious 60' time!

No, not my tranny I sure of that I'm going with a clogged cat, But not really sure this is my first TR
The factory boost gauge is fairly inaccurate. You should install something aftermarket when you can. I also agree with the "Cat" diagnoses, but don't hurry to gut it. Just remove it from the downpipe and see if your issue is solved. Brian
It could also be a fueling or ignition problem. I had a similar problem where it was turning the downpipe and converter cherry red. It ended up being a bad tps and a weak coilpack. I guess it had the fueling so messed up that it was driving the egt's that high. Anyway, it didn't boost right and when it did it would pop in the upper rpm's. If your car is running rich or if it has an exhaust or vaccum leak will effect the boost too. I can't explain the boost gauge except that it is electrical so it may be a bad ground or something.

Do you have a scan tool? Any readings?
No I sold my brand new Scanmaster because I was selling the car, But after more and more driving the car I decide not to sell it so know I'm looking for a scanmaster 2.1 again