No Data showing ob Scan Master G


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Mar 1, 2009
Hello,. I just installed my old power logger, plx wideband & new SD2 CHIP and scan master G into another GN.

The computer in this car has a wire hard wired into it that plugs into an AEM 5 bar map sensor.

I have Comms wire from the SM G connected to terminal 7 labeled SM on my power logger,
The grey wire from my plx to terminal#1 on power logger

What terminal do i connect the aldl to ob the PL?

The instructions from the SM G says connect comm to the Aldl but seems like i remember when running a power logger you disconnect the wire from the aldl and connect it to the power logger but I am not sure.

The instructions from the SD2 chip says connect I2 to the map but remember my map is hard wired.

The Scan Master powers up and says connected but it is not showing any data
You will need to update your powerlogger software (PLC.exe) and reflash it to work with the Scanmaster G. The software is avaible here:
It will connect to terminal 7 on the powerlogger input module. When it's done, you'll connect and make sure the option for the Scanmaster G is turned on in PLC.

You need to connect the MAP to I2 as indicated in the instructions. Disconnect it from wherever its connected now.
Hello,. I connected everything per your instructions and ran the updated associated with the above link you gave.

The problem that I am having is if I run the update and open power logger directly from the link the scan master G will show up in the power logger scan master options but the tune tab won't show up.

If I close power logger and reopen power logger the tune tab is there but not the scan master G option. And if you hit F8 it will configure and monitor for a while then stop
I'm not sure what you mean by "open powerlogger directly from the link". PLC.exe should be in the Powerlogger folder, that's the program to run. Make sure you aren't trying to run different copies of PLC from different locations.

The Tune button won't show up until you select "768 grams per second (SD2)" in the MAF display options.
This is what I see as soon as I open power logger from my desktop as normal

When you downloaded the new PLC.exe, you should overwrite the old one.

When you check the version, it should be 2.6.0 (or higher).

if the version is 2.5.2, will it work with a scan master g turbo tweak 5.7 chip?

if not
how do i get to 2.6 what is described as "(at least version5.0) in the sm-g manual?
downloaded the new file pl051 from above link-check
plug pl into car with key on-re flashed with pl051 to com 7 for update-check
after re flash it still says 2.52 like i used pl040

i know you guys are engineers ,i am also an engineer,but a few more words to the paragraph would save monumental time and questions over these seemingly easy steps.
The link you clicked above instructed you to overwrite your old PLC.exe (2.5.2) with the new PLC.exe (2.6.0). Did you do that?
The link you clicked above instructed you to overwrite your old PLC.exe (2.5.2) with the new PLC.exe (2.6.0). Did you do that?
i got no prompts to overwrite anything when downloaded
i saw no instructions on the literature or any message board for how to replace(overwrite etc)
the zip file options for 2.6 are as follows
left clicking it shows 2 files
pl051 -an s19 file
plc- application which opening gives me 2.6
do i use this and delete 2.52?
will i have to add the plo51 update to make it work?

right clicking the zip file2.6 gives these options:
extract all
open with
share with
restore previous version
send to
cut copy
open folder location

thanks for your patience
You would right click the zip file and then extract all, then it will ask you where to extract it, and you browse to your existing Powerlogger folder. Then click overwrite or replace existing file.
That will replace your old 2.5.2 PLC with the new 2.6.0 PLC.