No Drive Gears!!


Jul 20, 2004
Dont know what the heck happened but all of a sudden I have no forwrd gears. :eek: I have a built tranny so I think anyway ( got the car with it ) It was built by OTTO and when I got the car it had only a few hundred miles on it. I have not yet raced the car and dont beat on my stuff on the street either. The tranny has according to mileage about 2000 on it. Sat. I went out to the car to take it for gas started it up and put it in reverse and nothing happend put it in drive and nothing happened :confused: freeky I though and shut the car off, started it back up and the car jerked forward a tiny bit, but had all my gears now. So with the car now working I was off and on my way to NED on sunday to run the car for the 1st time. Drove the 120 miles there with not a single problem at all, set the car up and got in line, drove the car into the water and started my burnout with line lock on. I then released the line lock and the car just sat right where it was. I then tried reverse hoping to back it of the track and it went no problem. The moral of the story is what the freak is going on. I checked the linkage and stuff and have no external problems, the tranny does have a little whine sound to it but very faint. Any advise would be great. Fluid level changes too from not running to running.
converter turbone ,pump rotor ,input shaft or forward drum snapped.if you have oil flowing out of the trans cooler under pressure you have mechanical failure in the trans.pull it out and inspect either way.
WOW all that and a bag of snacks!

Why do I still have reverse? I dont think it would be the converter but what do I know. One day I had nothing at all and the motor was idleing like it was under a load and the next day all was fine while driving to the track 120 miles, then I do a burn out and then I have no drive again, but atleast I have reverse. :eek: Could it really be mechanical or might it be a valve stuck in the VB or gasket leaking?
Found my problem!

I just want to say thanks to Chris for his advice on the phone today! Thanks :wink: I did find my problem deep in the tranny. My forward piston seal was hanging out and the apply ring is wasted too. When disassenbling the unit I also found the forward piston (steel) was bent pretty bad and all the cluches are toast ( burnt toast that is ) :eek: I now need a forward piston and all the clutches and also the apply ring. Need help finding a piston and the other puzzle pieces.
give me a ring monday and ill set you up with the needed forward clutch , no forward planet reaction to applied power therefore no forward movement.perplexing as to how you had line pressure in drive if the piston blew out .