No gears!! I broke Sumthing...

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I think i blew something up in my trans, I have no gears, 1st,2nd,3rd,drive... I got I checked the cable and the brakets on both sides and everything looks fine... so im guessing its sumthing internal... Any ideas?
Im not sure... im hearing sum rattle outta the bell housing/torque converter area when the motor is running, i know the motor is still good, did all my checks on the motor and everything passed with flying colors...
I tend to agree. Sounds like the input shaft on the intermediate drum. That thing that Always breaks.
I broke three in one year, till I got a billet piece installed.
Yes it is still bolted on, i have not dropped the trans yet so im not sure exactly what broke. This is my daily driver so i kinda have to do this soon, but with sooo many vendors and so many options im kinda stuck. The car is pretty much stock except for a TA cam, 36lbs injectors w/ TT chip, 3in down, 3in maf pipe and power logger. im only running about 15lbs of boost. Coming in feb im planning on Champ irons and sum 60lbs injectors w/ the PTE Stock mount, so i want a trans and converter thats gonna hold up, i only wanna pull the trans once.
The past couple weeks we had 2 GN's with the same problem. :confused:

One had the planetary unit give out, the other trans was fine, but the converter was trashed.

The "guessing game" is fun, but you will know only upon tear-down! :biggrin:
Turbine hub may have stripped or broke free from the turbine inside the converter. Not un common on non hardened or heat treated unit.

Or stator support stripped.
This sounds like the same problem i have. Look at the pic, i dont know what this part is called but the white arrows show where it is stripped and the red arrow shows the only tooth left...


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