No injector pulse


Nov 21, 2005
Car was running fine. I stopped to get some breakfast, and it wouldn't start again
Have spark, no injector pulse.
Have cam signal at ECM, have crank signal at ECM, no injector output.
Does the injector driver signal go through the powerlogger?
I'm heading home now to pick up a spare ECM, but I'm going to have to swap the PL back into it.
Could the PL be bad? I can monitor data through my laptop, and there is no RPM data when cranking.
No start - no spark, has injector pulse - Check the ignition module (also check the CCCI and ECM-IGN fuses)
No start - has spark, no injector pulse - Cam Sensor or ECM
No start - no spark or injector pulse - Crank sensor or module
I just swapped my TT5.6 chip back into the ecm, and the car runs. Now I have to convert it back to MAF to get the car home.

Did the SD2 chip fail, or did the PL fail?

Eric?? Bob??
Do you have a map reading on PL? That is a key value to calculate fuel on the Sd2

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Like what has been said in both your threads, CHECK your MAP signal. KOEO, what's you map reading?
Another thread had similar issues and it was a bad ground to the MAP...
KOEO MAP is 99kpa. At startup at high idle it drops to 44. Map seems to be working.

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Maybe try the PL on the spare ECM with the old chip?
Maybe try the PL on the spare ECM with the old chip?

That's what it's running on right now.
If I put my SD2 chip back in, it doesn't run.
Powerlogger seems to be working fine. I suspect it's an issue with the chip. Or a setting in the chip.
At least it's running! That must have sucked yesterday.:oops: