No "L" key function


May 23, 2001
I was tinkering around with a GN I have in my garage waiting for the IC to get here. I just installed a FAST and have it up and running. At idle in closed loop my 02 correction is showing -25% (max) so i hit the "L" key to bring my VE numbers into spec and the numbers didn't change. I even reved it up a little to hit another cell and no change with the L key. What do ya think?
We've found that the L key was widely misunderstood and have not included it in the Windows version. It will be either reinstated or replaced with a cooler function at some point.

It seems that a lot of people simply thought of the L key as a magical key that just made everything perfect by pressing it. Some people even attempted to tune their cars by driving around and have someone in the passenger seat bang on the L key for dear life. This truthfully could do more harm than good. Until we are ready to put something like that back out there that is better understood, we have shelved it. We'll do something, honest!.... :cool:

For those of you using the DOS version, the L key will apply the current O2 correction factor to the cell of greatest influence in the VE table. It's a GREAT tool to use for steady state tuning, one cell at a time. It is not advisable to use this key for tuning during hard acceleration or changes in engine load or boost.

shoooo... i thought i was going nuts (actually i am) but didn't want this to confirm it. thanks.