no power question


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I just got finished with an engine rebuild. completed plugging all connectors in so that I could set the paramaters for the genII, turned the key and have no electrical power? Battery is fully charged. I thought it might be one of the grounds and found one not connected that goes on the back of the pass side head. Reconnected but still no power.

I checked the following grounds:

bell housing to the fire wall.
battery to front pass head
and the two seperate sets on the back of the pass head.

Am I missing something?
question, if I have a fully charged battery and a good ground connection to the block, would I have lights? Because I don't.

thanks for any help I can get.
Did you check links at starter ? just because battery is charged and you have engine ground does not mean your lights are going to work. I believe the light switch has link right off starter.So does the ignition switch. make sure the links are attached at starter and not mistaken for grounds.I have seen links attached to trans bolts before.check all fuses under hood and under dash. Get yourself a wiring diagram .If it ran before engine was redone it is something stupid .Be patient and take your time.good luck