No Ses Light


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I replace my engine harness today and for some reason, I don't get the service engine soon light. I checked the orange plug next to the battery and its' plugged in... I checked all the grounds and still nothing. I did plug in th wires that go to the dash. i checked all the fuses on the fuse box with a test light (all are good) It seems like the ecm isn't getting power!
Also, how grounds go the back of the passenger head. (Should be a total of six right?)
There was also one ground that gets connected to the back of the engine firewall that connected to the bulk head by the power master! That's connected also. I trippled checked everything. Only thing left is I bought a bad used wiring harness. I guess i'm gonna have to buy a new one from caspers!

Does anybody have a engine wiring harness they want to sell cheap that is new! I'm bummed out!

Anybody with any suggestions - LET ME HAVE THEM PLEASE!

Even if one of those fuses are blown it will usually still run. I would pull the ecm fuses and visually check them just to be sure. Get your test light and see if you are getting power at the connecter and after it. That orange wire supplies the power for the ecm so if its not hot, you don't go.
Test the wire at the battery that feeds the ecm (computer) generally with no SES light, means that the computer is not getting it's 12 volts from the battery. My wire broke inside(that was a real electrical headache trying to find that one) the insulation at the black do dad that's about 8" from the positive battery post.