No start condition

I finally got done installing the 6262 that I had built by Bison and while it was down, I installed my BoostC and now the SOB wont start. I looked at everything and it will only crank (whir,whir, whir, whir, but will not turn over). The only thing that I did not hook up would be the vacuum line from the wastegate actuator to the turbo. Can that cause a no start? I know it is a long shot, but anything else to check off the top of you guys head?
Dammit.....I may have done that, that's the orange plug that you are supposed to disconnect before you swap out a chip correct? I also swapped out a chip to accommodate the new turbo.
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It was not that as it was connected. I did notice my green light on my power logger was not coming on when I turned the ignition key. Could that mean no ECM power? I’ll pullbit out and check the splices when I spliced my boostc in
Everything seems spliced in properly. I even removed and reseated the powerlogger module. I will just check everything with a fine tooth comb tommorrow to include spark plug wires as I replaced them as well. I still think it is something coming off of that ECM for some reason. The only thing that I did not run yet is the vacuum hose off of the turbo to the solenoid...that is open, but I cannot see that causing a no start.


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Check Engine light on with key on? Does it do the On-Off-On sequence if you key on after being off for at least 30 sec?

Fuel pump prime?

The orange wire is known to go bad at the positive battery cable.


I have seen the ECM power pin corrode off from water damage in the ecm connector, worth checking also.

Do you have a test light or voltmeter?

And, you are correct that there is no issue leaving the wastegate hose off, the engine should still start.