No start help


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Mar 29, 2014
Just put car together after new timing cover gasket and intake gasket. Car cranks but will not start. Has no spark. I verified that the cam sensor window was facing the ps pump at TDC and that the crank sensor has 25/thousands gap to the reluctor ring. What will cause no no spark?
It was the crank sensor. I didn't understand how it was supposed to be set but it's good now. Car fires but runs like dog doo now then stalls out after 2 Seco ds. Sounds like timing to me. Any thoughts?
Make sure u r on compression stroke on cyl 1 then back up the balancer to 25 degrees after tdc
I got bigger fish to fry. I turned the cam sensor counter clockwise a bit and got the car to run (albeit poorly) but I have no oil pressure. I didn't pack potroleum jelly in the gears but I cranked the car for about 30 seconds with the fuel pump disconnected first. I had the gears in the oil pump out and they seemed to only go in one way.

Should I take the oil pump apart and pack it? Can I take it apart without taking the cover back on? Where should I go from here (I'm trying to not slit my wrists).
U can prime the oil pump buy getting a cordless drill and spinning the oil pump gear or u can pack the pump with grease
Yep Vaseline worked! I hope I didn't hurt the motor though, the passenger side head has a valve train noise. Still runs like shit but at least it will idle.

Could it still be 180 out?
Ok, got it to idle a little smoother and have oil pressure. But when driving it at slow speeds it spits and backfires. Have the cam sensor cap in the only spot it will idle at. BLMS are around d 130 so I don't think I have any vacuum leaks.

Any thoughts?