No wonder I can't find a decent drivers marker


Take a CLOSE LOOK at the pictures:

The first 2 pictures (left and right on the top row). These pictures are of the ebay item referenced in this post.

The 3rd picture(bottom row) is of an Actual "Real" BlackOut Marker Lamp. Note the differences.


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Side Markers

I Have A Set Of These Side Markers.
They Are Still In The Gm Wrappers.
Mine Are The Real Thing.
I Also Have A Set Of New Gm Headlight Bezels.
I Didn't Know They Were Worth More Than Gold.
I Guess I'll Try Ebay!
Good call Glen. That surely is a newer package but I'm guessing he took a LH Chrome side marker and painted it black. If he painted one of those gray ones than it would be an older package like yours. I can take a pic of those now discontinued chrome side markers in the newer style package if someone thinks they can match up the bar code on the label and bust this guy. Seems to me I've seen more than a few threads posted on the boards about superhawk screwing people over. We have plenty of evidence but I doubt eBay is going to do anything about it. :mad:

I'm not 100% for sure but my last load of the RH black side markers I got came in the newer style package and the only big difference was the Made In China cast into it. I don't have any LH Chromes that have China on them. I wonder if this bogus part also has that cast into it? That would be another way to bust him.
he got me on a thumbwheel chip for 36lb inj. it was when i first got my car and didn't know s**t about them :rolleyes: . learned my lesson after i found this board.