noise coming from my transmittion


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something is squeaking really loud and when i put my car on a lift and turn the drive shaft it appears that the squeaking is coming from inside the transmittion. my mechanic said that it was my u joints so i had them replaced and the squeaking noise is still there. my tranny fluid levels are fine, i changed them over the summer along with the filter and gasket. the fluid is not burnt and the tranny shifts perfect, i just don;t understand what is squeaking, is there any bearings inside the transmittion that could go bad, any ideas?
There are plenty of bearings, washers and gears that can fail and make noise. Do you hear the noise in all gears? While you are stopped and/or moving?
just while moving, when i step on the brakes the noise stops for a few seconds, does this mean that i need a tranny rebuild?