non a/c airbox


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Oct 10, 2009
anyone have a non a/c airbox they want to sell, i'm eliminating my a/c and want to keep the blower and heater core. thanx
Why not go to any used car parts places (junk yard...:rolleyes: ) and take one off any regular non-a/c G body car (preferably a Regal) along with the controls in the dash?...I think it's your best bet...Oh yeah, remove it from the donor car yourself...That way, you'll be more familiar with how to reinstall it back into your car and also gather all the little parts needed (nuts, bolts, clips, wiring harness, small brackets, etc...)...:wink:

Claude. :wink:
A picture of one in Leo's car they do take some work but the results speak for them self.


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