Non-Pump E85+ Brands, Octane Levels, Shipping Etc

what about e98 blends and octanes?
My understanding is that running E98 would be as degredative to the fuel lines as pure methanol would be, and the fuel needed would be drastically higher than E85, so it wouldn't be too far off of methanol as it stood.

Basically they said that you might as well run methanol if you do that.

However, they do have E98/99, but I believe the octane was around 120 or so. I remember it wasn't really worth going with over methanol.

If you'd like, I can inquire further.
please find out more juat so we have the info and option

Info on the custom blend?

I'll ask the cost for the highest octane E85 I can get, and we'll go from there. Would that be cool?

Also: If there are any additives you guys would like specifically added to the fuel, please let me know.

I'm thinking we could go "balls to the wall" with this and make an E85 super-fuel. Higher octane than most gasoline fuels, and with extra additives to help prevent fuel line corrosion and high rpm duration.

Any input would be appreciated! This is all for you guys :D
I would like that e85 that's 110. That would be nice to have for the price..

It's 112 octane :D

For roughly 6.50$ to your door (this isn't including taxes, etc) it really isn't a bad deal. It's literally half the cost of gasoline-based 112.
is that (R+M)/2 110? i want some 116+

I just got off the phone with the lead chemist and I learned lots of interesting info regarding E85/E100, etc.

Basically, going with E100 really wouldn't be that beneficial, other than some additional low-end torque due to the vaporization characteristics, but E85 would still offer that, along with better high-end performance due to the gasoline content.

They have tried multiple E85 ratios (116 octane, etc) and found that basically the 112 works is the most cost-effective, best burning, and highest power-yielding for all the blends they have tried. For the cost, it is really hard to beat.

Also- these fuels are made with race fuels as a base, and are determined by weight, not volume (whereas pump E85 is done by volume) so the MON number is much more accurate, hence the performance gains.
A few of us PA guys might be interested in this if we lose our one source in Philadelphia that is 3.50/gallon and it tests out at E90 according to my tester kit.
Doesn't smell watered down at all.
i will email rockett brand tomorrow and get a quote on how much their 112 is

Awesome. The biggest thing I found that was the killer was the shipping. Its ~1$ a gallon to the midwest, and almost $2/gal to the west coast. Of course this depends where the company is from.