Non-Pump E85+ Brands, Octane Levels, Shipping Etc

Sucky!!!!! Middle of no where!

I'm actually driving back to Cali in a few weeks. I'll be heading through AZ while I'm on my way out, and I'll be in CA for over a month.

If you want to talk about E85-based fuels, I've done quite a bit of research on the subject (ask Boost231) and I'd be more than happy to share.
I was at Speedway today getting race gas, they quoted Nick and I $450 for a 55 gal drum, seems crazy to pay almost $5 more per gallon then pump E85.
^ Lets get a price break down. I know you have the info you just need to type it out. I will be running pump e85 on the street. At the track I want a good quality Race E85+ with a high octane count. That way i can push my car, damn hotair motors need octane
Dennis, When your push 255+ temps into the intake high octane e85+ is needed :) im going to give you a run for your money ;)
Nick, he knew the answer. I have talked to him at length about this. Let him post all the prices and octane levels etc. I say bulk delivery to your place. I will order a few drums ;)
Maybe we could work something out where people in the AZ area order and get it all shipped to your location.

Nick, he knew the answer. I have talked to him at length about this. Let him post all the prices and octane levels etc. I say bulk delivery to your place. I will order a few drums ;)

Later tonight I'll try and write up the prices for the 105 and 110 stuff.

The 110+ stuff is the custom blended stuff that would take a bit of time, but I don't think it would take more than a few months (mind you, we're getting custom gas made, so it might be a bit more expensive, and might take some time as it is a special order product, and we're only ordering a small amount of it)
So for E-85 fuels, from my research, there are three options:

E-85 unleaded (105 octane) ~$5.50/gallon, including shipping (est. @ $2.00/gallon)

E-85 leaded (105 octane) ~$5.90/gallon, including shipping " "

E-85 "R" leaded (112 octane) ~$6.63/gallon " "

This assumes a $2/gallon shipping fee. It could be more, it could be less. This was an estimate used from a quote for a drum to San Francisco from the East Coast, so I think it is a safe bet to use for quotes to Arizona.

There can be custom blends of fuel made, with the highest "E85" octane (maintaining the 85/15 ratio) is about 115-118. This will of course be at a higher cost, but considering most 116 octane fuel is about $10-12/gallon, it should be considerably less, which would still justify the expense. However this isn't something that will be immediately available, so I wouldn't hold out for it just yet.

If you would like to know more, please PM me.
Is the E85 that's 105 the same as pump E85?

The unleaded is quite similar, the leaded has extra additives that you get with racing fuels to help with lubrication, etc.

Basically the advantage is knowing what you are getting.

For example, I currently live in OK, and I used to live in CA(don't ask why...) and the E85 I got here smells much more "watered down" than the E85 I received in CA.

This really isn't geared towards those who can easily get it at the pump, but rather those that do.

When you think that the cost for 112 octane is ~$6/gallon to your door, and if your closest fuel station is an hour away to get racing gas (Or further), it actually makes sense.

If it takes you 10-15 gallons of fuel to drive to and from your pump that has E85, you are looking at spending between 40-80$ on fuel. Now a few things come into play: 1)You do not know the quality of the fuel, 2)The container you are using might not be the ideal environment for long-term storage, 3)The inconvenience of the drive, with #1 being the most important.

What this service basically replicates is the same cost (or less, in ways) of going to the pump for regular 105octane E85, but for a fraction of the cost, and allows you free storage of up to 3 years (or longer if kept sealed), and a guarantee that your fuel is going to be what it says it will.

With today's sophisticated timing tables and tunability that XFI/ Gen2/ MAFTPRO offer, we bring our cars to the edge of safety, and if you are relying on 105 octane fuel and get lets say some 100, or 102, who knows what may happen? Now I am *not* saying 2 octane points will blow your engine, but I think enough of us have spent a lot of hard-earned money on these engines to not want that extra piece of mind when we fill our cars up.

If piece of mind costs the same as going to the pump, and it is more accessible, then why not?

If this catches on, I have no reservations sponsoring an E85-based racing class :) (Similar to the Turbo Alcohol Injection classes :D )