NOS brand nitrous system

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Mar 31, 2003
i have a great deal for the holidays...NOS system complete with 15lb bottle,up pipe with fogger nozzle and solenoids,lines filter.This kit sold for over 700.00 back in the day. You can have it for 400.00 plus shipping.


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yeah its complete just like what you got...u still crying about your mistakes...what happened to your big threats about lawyer and you coming down here to kick my ass.....u really should get a never bought a complete ac/heater bought the box and thats what you got and then you fucked it up and act like i did....!!...i told you to ship it back and i would refund you but you wouldnt do that....all you could do was go around and try and bad mouth me....go fuck yourself and your little senior citizen dick..!!!
the only thing i admitted was that you damaged the box and try to say i shipped it to you like that...yeah that why i have a 100% feedback on ebay with over 18o items sold...and good transactions in seems like you are the only one with issues..hmmmm.
Dude stop trying to jip people. Pretty much no one will buy any of your shit anymore after your shenanigans with johnplogii.

Correction as well to your for sale post, it is not a complete nos kit.....
oh and this.

johnplogii said:
Let me see if I can copy/paste this from my pm box. I forgot all about this.

gmgearhead said:
johnplogii said:
gmgearhead said:
still want that ac box?​
I do need one, refresh my memory on what all you have, condition & price. All I have is the condensor & compressor, so I need the complete box, accumulator & lines. Let me know.


i got complete ac box....with heater core,evaporator core...and i have accumulator with r134 conversion.
very good shape...100.00 plus about 24.00 to ship it all.​

Should look like this​
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