NOS on a 3.8 N/A


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May 24, 2001
In about 2 weeks I will be picking up a basiacally stock rebuild 3.8 for my 84 regal, I believe it has a slightly more agressive cam, and 8.5:1 pistons, other than that everything is stock specs....

Its going in the car untill I can build the 4.1 that is coming out to be a solid mid 14 sec N\A car, in the future I would like to add NOS to this as well, and the kits should fit both motors....

So for much juice should I let this 3.8 have, a 75shot? a 90 shot... What can the stock internals (besides listed above) take? is the bottom end ok for Nitrous?

Thanx in advance....

P.S. I have never had experience with nitrous so if you need more info to ansewer my questions let me know, Im assuming the best setup would be a dry setup with a carb plate and have it only come on at WOT?
Well, from what I have heard the normally aspirated crank is good for 300 HP.. Retard your IGN timing as required and do the colder plugs etc... I am assuming your N/A 3.8 has cast pistons.. Stay with a 75 HP shot perhpas.. :confused:

Maybey someone else with more knowledge will step in here..
I know quite a bit about running nitrous on NA cars but not these NA or fulie V6's. Been racing with N2O for 15 years. I currently crew chief for a buddy of mine and we just got his 3500 lb street truck to run 8.93 @ 149.7mph.

I don't check this thread much so if you want, email me directly and I'll try and answer your questions and help ya out.. :)