NOS or super clean IC fan


Turbo Buick enthusiast
Jul 21, 2006
Anyone have a NOS or really clean IC fan they would part with? Need it for my OE restoration.
I have several of them and can pick the cleanest one.
Sending PM
Fan Intercooler.JPG
I have a few too. I also have several NOS sensors and misc parts I'll be posting soon. Let me know what you may need.

TBH, I don't know, never seen a live sale for one...there is an old sale posting from that showed one sold for $135.00...why do you have one?

I have a NOS one that I gently bolted onto an engine just for a photo, then took back off...

I have a lot of them here. Ill post em tomorrow. NOT NOS !! But I think there were some nice ones.