I have no personal experience, but i read in a post a while back that a 50 shot will generally give a true hotair about 70-80 to the rear wheels because of its "intercooling" effect. You will probably find that people here that are against NOS seem to be against it more than the normal types. but you will still find a few supporters. I say if you want to do it go for it.

well the nos is not going to be used alot. cost to much. anyways i will just run it till i get the best time out of the car and leave it set at that. i am only going to run it if i know it will be a close race on the motor and im losing. its just a extra boost if i need it


ya i know nos will raise the boost. i want to tune my car in for the nos and leave it like that. then when i need the nos i can just hit it and i know i will be good u know what i mean