Not to flog a dead horse, but questions about an aluminum radiator.

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Jan 13, 2004
Hi, I got my 82 Regal that is a race only car. I'm putting a @525hp 462 engine in it. I have been reading the threads here about various radiators and fans, tranny coolers, etc.

I have a stock style 31x19 fan and I know it fits well up front. I was looking at the f-body Autozone replacement aluminum radiator (from 1990 IROC #433918 I believe). Seems like a great deal at $117, but is only 26" wide. I can get a Summit universal 31x19 for $179. Are there any others for less than the $179 that are 31" wide that could be had at Autozone/NAPA?

I was also going to get the dual fans from a Dodge/Chrysler Intrepid/Concorde/300M/LHS. After many calls, it seems that there is one from 98-99, and one from 2000-2004. What is the dimension of the shroud of these fans? Is one better than the other? I have also seen a dual fan on ebay that is supposed to be from a Land Rover and/or Jeep that pulls over 4000 cfm. Here is the listing:

Anyone ever seen or tried it? Will I have to fab up brackets to make it fit?

I will be using a separate 11x11x1.5 transmission cooler, so radiator does not need to have a trans cooler in it. Also do not need an oil cooler.

Looking for opinions before I plunk down the $$$$$$$. Thanks.
Never mind on this stuff guys. I scored at the local bone yard.

I went in and asked for the stuff and they had both :eek: .

I got an aluminum radiator from a 1991 IROC in great shape and the fans from a 2001 Intrepid for $60. I snapped the fans in the radiator and they fit great. Just have to trim off the factory mounting tabs, fab up a new mounting strap of some kind to be sure it doesn't go anywhere and wire it up.
Sound like a real self-sufficent were able to locate stuff so soon & easily. Good luck with fab'ing it up, but you'll have done way before season starts again.
You've got that GS pretty quick, for a convert too!
The BOP's were/are the step-children of muscle cars...but the Stage 1's kicked every one's butt. Must be cool to have top down on a luxury-liner,
good music, Starbucks in one hand & blowing Corvetts away with other :D
Good luck with cooling issue.....Ray