Nozzle Envy


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I was at BG for the big show this past week and now I have nozzle envy. Seems loads of people are running dual nozzle. At what point should one switch from single nozzle to dual?

I am currently running a 6265DBB billet wheel turbo, 60's and loads of other crap. I am laying down a measly 504 HP and 601 TQ, no track time on this turbo yet. I am seeing a little knock, 5ish, and I run the knob at eight.
every car seems a bit different. I have gone 127.8 on a single nozzle set at 6. I have a friend that does about 1 mph more and runs duals at 7. My car hates much more than the alky on 6 and noses over and loses mph. Others just keep picking up the more they pour in. Was the 121 with the new turbo or the 49? 125+ I would consider a dual nozzle if you are currently maxed out. Have you increased the gain by chance?
I dont think the knob should be that high for your HP. Just make sure your not padding a fuel delivery problem causing the knock. In other words if the air fuel is where it needs to be and you get knock.. crank up the knob. If the knob is maxed out.. and you still get a tickle.. then go to the twin nozzle.

make sure the pump is healthy before making that decision. Ive seen where there can be a leak on the lines or ??? and it not deliver 100% of what it should.