NPR - Scanmaster G for classic fast With Extra Analog inputs.

Set up so that when the internal logging starts it will sync the extras inputs with the ECM information.
Or even set up in a way that the extra inputs can activate the logging feature synced with the ECM.
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adding inputs to the Scanmaster G is a bit of work, what exactly are you trying to do?

Sounds like big goals. While its technically possible to add a couple analog inputs to the Scanmaster G, we would be limited to 2.

The next question would be data integration, which is really tricky if we wanted to have CCom see the data.

The Classic has some limitations with respect to data, making this a pretty tough task. Did you know that the XFI has 8 analog inputs just for this? The Scanmaster G can display them as well. For what you are trying to do an XFI is really a better direction.

Or, we can run that stuff thru your PowerLogger. It has 5 analog inputs.

no, that will not work. I saw the PL in your signature, and figured you had not switched to the classic