NTK vs. Bosch


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Nov 9, 2003
I need to know if i can replace my NTK O2 sensor in my BS3 gen 1 system with a Bosch wideband. What are the compatibility issues if any? I can change the pinouts if thats all that needs to be changed. Any info on why or why not this will work is appreciated. thanks, jeremy
I don't know that answer, but if you send a e-mail to John Meaney, he can answer your question.


Hope this helps.

I have a few NEW Bosch sensors for the GEN 3 box here if you guys end up needing them.
I emailed John Meaney about the Bosch sensors working with gen1 systems and he said NO it won't work. There is different circuitry. Also, If I was to get a new NTK sensor from him I would have to send in my ECM for it to be calibrated. The sensor is $350 from him.:eek: I also asked about using the latest Big Comm software with the Gen1 and he said "I would'nt." He didnt really elaborate on things though. I wanted to take advantage of the 3-D mapping among other things. hope this helps. Jeremy

I just ordered a replacement NTK sensor from Precision Turbo today for $95. Call and talk with Pete Barton, he will get you taken care of.

The latest version of bigcomm will not work with our GEN1's. There are extra parameters (such as transmission control) that our GEN1 units dont understand. Just use the software that came with your unit.
IGNORE MY LAST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like we are stuck with the $400 ntk sensor!!!! John Meany can not modify the GEN1 box for the Bosch sensor. I know this because Pete at Precision had me send the box to him to have JM modify it but JM said he can't do it. Luckly my sensor is still ok so I will use it for now.
Man that really sux!!!!:mad: But I am not suprised at all. I thought that when i bought the BS3 it would be totally awesome. But they managed to upstage the gen 1 with the gen 3. I guess there will always better technology tomorrow!:smile:

Hey Filly, that program for the 95's runs great!!! I cant thank you enough!
Glad the program worked for you. Does the car fire up quick? How is idle and throttle response? Did you have to modify anything? It took me a while to get all this dialed in but it seems to work really well on my car.
Filly, The car starts up nice a quick and idles awesome. I did a few "stall tests" in the driveway:biggrin: It will build boost on the foot brake like i have never seen before. You did a great job in that area. I havent gotten a chance to drive it down the street yet though. Throttle response is good once the car is warm. I just really need to get some seat time with it. I will update you when i get to drive it. I am in the process of repairing some rusted T-Top rails and such. Waiting on my Por-15 to come in. Thanks again, jeremy:)