O-ring between Fuel pressure regulator & fuel rail:

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Mar 2, 2002
Does anybody know if Autozone or Pep Boys carries the rubber O-ring that goes between the fuel pressure regulator & fuel rail?
Or anywhere else that would be open on Sundays in So Ca?
Yes, its the same as an injector o-ring. Be sure and use some petroleum jelly to avoid cutting it during install.
Oops: it is no wonder that I am looking for a new one. I forgot that part. thanks for the info.
I didn't use the o-ring on either side. All I did was yse some
teflon tape on the threads. No leaks


The o-rings are viton, not rubber. Rubber won't hold up to the fuel. BTW, there's also a smaller o-ring on the return line attached to the bottom of the FPR...

Thank you for my oversight.
Yes, viton.
However, there are not any threads between the fuel rail inlet and the outlet on the fpr. Simply an o-ring groove on the male end that fits into the bore on the fuel rail. And I would not want to try and seal that with teflon in place of the o-ring. Also, should any of that teflon tape break loose and slip into the fuel stream going into the fuel rail, that could be costly. Alos, I did not see any o-ring on the bottom of the fpr between it and the hard fuel line going into it. Just a standard SAE flared tube end going up into the bottom of the fpr, which generally does not use a o-ring, but I thank you for the mention of that, and I will check with my mechanic tomorrow when I pick up the o-ring.
SAE standard flared tube ends genearlly seal without the aid of any teflon tape or an o-ring.
Also, isn't the fuel line going into the bottom of the fpr the fuel delivery line? If not, oops, where is the delivery line?
Delivery line is on the other side of the fuel rail straight in.

Took me 15 years to find that out. :D

There is a tiny O ring on that flared fitting like the fuel filter type fittings.

Usually it's rotted real bad and hard to see.

Like you said it's flared pipe and usually don't leak. :)
Many thanks to everybody for the responses. I guess that I get to go to the dealer tomorrow and get 2 o-rings, and it might not be a bad idea to get a spare for each, also.
The teflon is only ment to go over the threads not inside the line or near the edge where it could get drawen into the fuel system.
You should have no problems at all with teflon tape if you use it rigth.

Chad there are no threads where the o-ring goes...he is talking about where the regulator is attached to the fuel rail not where the fuel line runs into the bottom of the regulator. That is where teflon needs to be used on the threads.....just trying to clear the smoke:D You may also be talking about the fuel filter???
Ok, I am down to one last question: where does the o-ring go that goes in the lower fpr return line:
1> It goes between the top of the flared tube and the inside surface of the fpr?
2> It goes on the flared tube between the locking nut and the lower face of the flared tubing?
3> Ok, please where does it go.
Ok, everything is squared away, and I wish to thank everybody for their assistance. Got a new o-ring and installed it this afternoon. So I am a happy camper. Especially with X-mas and New Years holidays coming up, that will give me about 2 weeks to clean up the mess that I made blowing the head gasket.
Thanks again, and that little invisible o-ring was ther after all.
Lo and behold